Face Mask Pouch

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There are plenty of face-Mask Pouch cases on the market, and this pastel-hued package is one of the best tested. They're about the size of a billfold, which means you'll have to hold your mask in half to match it, but as one reviewer notes, it also means it's "small enough to fit in a lady's purse." Others agree this case is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and at $6, it is also the most affordable package on this list.


Not only are the best face mask pouch chic enough to blend with any interior design aesthetic, but they'll even come in handy when you're on the go. Try putting your mask in a small pocket instead of putting it on the table the next time you have a socially distant meal. Here are a few good ones, as well as a few more creative ways to keep reusable masks neat and organized.


Hang your umbrella, scarf, or reusable mask pouch from one of these hooks. Have some fun with a bright pastel pack, or keep it easy with a minimalist, artistic pastel pack. A slim style that suits many masks and feels good in your hand.” It has a capacity of five disposable masks or one reusable cloth mask


Slip one of these into your handbag for a handy place to keep your reusable masks when you're not at home. Actually, these are fashionable enough to forego the purse entirely. 


Swing your face masks over the bars instead of wrapping a necklace around the handle for a pretty way to stay coordinated. This well-reviewed collection contains two sturdy silicone pouches that look similar to the One Less Case pouch. It conveniently suits N95 masks and is simple to sterilize (the brand suggests tossing it in boiling water).


For something even more understated, there's this lovely pouch made of 100 percent silk charmeuse and machine washable. If you want to color-coordinate, the company even makes silk charmeuse masks and even dresses and if masks become outdated, you'll have no trouble repurposing this chic little sack.